SEO Basic Building Blocks

Nowadays SEO becomes a crucial step to rank any website. Today we will discuss what are the essential steps to be followed and how they can be implemented. Best SEO beginner Guide Ever.

What actually SEO is?

SEO abbreviation as a “search engine optimization” which easily can understand that optimization of the website. Now the question arises how can you optimize a website?

For optimizing website should it necessary to become a developer? A straight and clear answer “NO” for optimization of the website you no need to become a developer. You just need to have full knowledge about the guidelines of SEO.

Types Of SEO

  1. On-page SEOimages
  2. Off-page SEO

Starting with SEO you should familiar with the above terminology. These are explained below.

What is On-page SEO?

The on-page SEO is a very first step that comes under while starting SEO. You should familiar with the definitions like meta title, meta description, meta keywords. These are the terms which are a basic necessity while doing SEO.

The optimization of the website with pages, post, images or any other information added to our website known as On page SEO. This optimization helps to provide you website ranking or we can say a key to the success of website huge traffic.

Never Forget These On-Page SEO Techniques 

Best Content quality
Pages titles and meta descriptions
Content norms SEO511432-1F8Zny1486813890.png
Headings and content Optimizations
Images and other gallery elements
SEO friendly URL optimization
Internal and External links
Website Page loading speed
Mobile friendliness Responsive
Comments and on-page SEO guidelines

What is Off-page SEO
Off-page, SEO refers to do the various techniques or the submission that helps to improve the website ranking in the search engine.

Various Off-Page SEO Techniques 
Link building
Bookmarking Submission
Image Submission
Business listings Submission
Directory Submission541232-1Yn1pT1498154491
Document Submission
Questions answers Submission
Blog and Article Submission
Document Submission
Video Submission

Hope you get the basic idea of SEO and their various techniques to be used while ranking a website be connected with Rnaura Services


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