Best seo company In Chandigarh

If you are looking for Best seo company In Chandigarh then you will find out what are the services they are providing to their clients? Like overall history. And today we will discuss about what are the basic task come under the SEO marketing company.

SEO as we all know is the key factor for the various established businesses. And to rank that at the top there are various kinds of technology take places.


As you know SEO are of two types

White hat SEO

Black hat SEO


White hat SEO: All the marketing strategy to be done according to the Google norms. These submission not to be violate any of the terms. As the

re are various kinds of submissions which help to rank your website soon in the Google page.These are as follows

  1. Bookmarking Submission
  2. Image ListingSEO
  3. Infographics Submission
  4. Video and Audio Submission
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Business Listing
  7. Directory Submission
  8. Local Listing
  9. Web 2.0 Submission
  10. Podcasting Submission

These are the submission you have to do which doesn’t require any premium account. These are done at free of cost. So you just need to figure 

out what are the various google updated algorithm and according to them follow up your SEO works

There are another factor you may use for the instant ranking . Mostly people uses these type of marketing as follows . These are also known as the affiliate marketing which is refer as the paid tools or the services for rank at the SERP.


For such kind of services you have to pay to the google when you get your acquired clients in your website. In general we can say pay when you get results. There are various kind of services like CPC, PPC CR and many more.

Google Adsense


Google Adwords

Amazon Adwords


Hope you are familiar with the various SEO marketing services through which you can rank soon. Apply today and rock your website at the Google first page.


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