What Do You Need For a Great Website Design ?

When a visitor goes to a website design, they don’t want to have to wonder if they are in the right place. A good design tells your visitor who you are and leads them to a call to action in a fast, efficient, and pleasing way. A call to action is an instruction to the visitors to provoke a response, whether it be to purchase a product, call a number, fill out a contact form, subscribe to a newsletter, or to learn more. The main call to action is usually included within the hero space that way it is the first thing that users see. The hero space is meant to be the biggest visual attraction on the site, it is the main vessel in which you lead your visitors. This can be achieved by overlaying text & a button on top of rotating imagery (keep the number of images to a max of 5, visitors do not tend to stick around to read/see everything) or even a background video. For the rest of the layout, most is secondary, meaning its information that is to be included and found easily on the site if the visitor tends to look for it. Just remember that whitespace and organization are your friends!

A Great Logo & Color Scheme

If you have a logo with too many colors it can be difficult to incorporate them into branding and web design, especially if they do not really go together like this one:

Basically you don’t want colors that clash, you want colors that complement each other! Contrast is key to drawing attention, take a look at colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel. We chose blue and orange because they are direct compliments of each other and opposites on the color wheel. For more information on what colors to choose, take a look at one of my older posts where I go over colors and their meanings in more details.

Beautiful & Easily Read Typography

If a font is difficult to read, it is normally a sign to STAY AWAY! There are types of fonts out there that are meant more for experimental graphic design and others that are meant for reading. Just because a font looks awesome doesn’t mean it should be used. If the text on your site is hard to read, I guarantee your visitors are going to skip right over it. In one of my other previous posts I have a collection of google web fonts that pair nicely with one another, this might help you in your decision process. If you take a look you’ll see that headings, buttons, navigations normally can be a little more of a designed font, while the paragraph font should always, ALWAYS be as legible as possible.

Stock Photos vs. Real Photography

Within the past couple of years, stock photography has been a huge business. A library where you can find any type of imagery to imaginable. But to be honest they are on the downward slope, stock photos are really starting to all look the same. It doesn’t take a genius to spot one on a site anymore. It has been proven that some visitors will completely ignore the content if they find the visual to be boring, and that’s what stock photos are. Originality is key, it is important show the world you have a personality, you care, and you love what you do.

Building an SEO Strategy for Your Business

RNaura Services is a results-driven SEO Company in Mohali that offers solutions to generate qualified sales, leads with guaranteed brand building. Our strength lies in consultation, diagnosis, and guiding our clients with the digital marketing trends and practices. We sell solutions to help you increase sales through digital methodologies.

  • Analysis
 We begin with in-depth analysis of your website to collect data and analytics of       your business. Regular website audits help us assess your website performance.
  • Diagnosis
After the analysis, we proceed by developing a suitable roadmap based on the challenges and needs of your business.
  • Implementation
At last. our professionals take charge of their individual and collective responsibilities to bring the plan into action. All our custom SEO solutions are based on the Google Webmaster guidelines.
The world has become a swarming space for digital marketing companies where it seems dubious to determine the best. The unique approach at RNaura Services that uses data, and only data, makes it stand ahead of the rest of the SEO Company in Mohali. We don’t talk smoke and mirrors here; our strategies are leads and sales driven!

5 Essential Phases Of Mobile App Development Lifecycle

As portable applications are valuable for a business, building up an application is basic nowadays. Nonetheless, the advancement life-cycle of a versatile application resembles a black box. It is fundamental for a business to distinguish how an application may fill its need and help the business to meet its advertising destinations. Regardless of whether it’s an application for an independent company or a major brand’s application, there are some basic stages that ought to be executed in a steady progression. Missing any of them can make genuine harm the improvement procedure.
To understand the mobile app development cycle in details, below are the 5 major phases of the development process:
For what reason do you need an application? It is fundamental to find a solution to the inquiry before moving to the improvement stage. There ought to be a unique thought and a strong goal behind the application. What’s more, a business needs to comprehend what its clients require and how the application is going to meet those necessities.
Image result for Research
This stage is basic since it causes you distinguish for what reason do you need the application and in what capacity should it resemble.
Set up Objectives 
This stage is related with application arranging. You have to distinguish the job a versatile application is going to play in your business. For instance It is basic to figure out what issues the application will explain for clients. Likewise, you should comprehend what sorts of highlights the application needs. These things will enable you to learn in insights concerning advantages and spending plan of the application.
In this period of the portable application improvement process, you get a thought on how your application is going to look like and what highlights it must have. Furthermore, this piece of the methodology will enable you to decide how your thoughts and required highlights may meet up to develop as a guide that gives you the reasonable thought of how your application may care for finishing.
Backend Structures 
There must be a plan to help your application. This incorporates backend anticipates APIs, servers, information joining, and different instruments that help the backend structure. While chipping away at these prerequisites, you may run over circumstances that request change in your wireframes or the storyboard.

Model Testing 

While taking a shot at the backed structure, you may need to roll out some fundamental improvements in your wire-frames because of specialized impediments. When you are finished with those changes, you can move to the prototyping testing stage. This is a fundamental advance as it furnishes you with a chance to look at plan ideas and recognize imperfections in the stream.
Image result for Model Testing
 Here, you may likewise take help from individuals who are not connected to the application advancement process. The stage causes you finish your application plan idea and get a model that aids the genuine improvement methodology.
Social networks today are growing much more popularity and this would definitely get more heights in coming years.
The internet is a huge option for people wanted to market their businesses. Long before the internet, as a huge option for marketing products, other options were used like TV commercials, billboards and radio and print advertisements as they were the successful parts of that game of the successful marketing, but they today something would have overpowered the same and that is Social Media Marketing because a huge number of people today don’t check the newspapers but they prefer going online. Even the handwritten letters, newspapers for movie times, have taken place by electronically draft mails and online venues respectively. So, it would not be boasting to say that the world today is relying on technology and so plan to take advantage of would work well.
common social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs, etc. are few of the most popular social networks available tools they are offering accessibility to a large group of people. Actually social media are a fastest growing marketing tool and if you are not taking advantage of the same then you are highly mistaken. When you are in business, then marketing campaign help in keeping your pace with the competition, so, it is the right time to seek help of the Social Media Management Company, as they would make help you knowing the capabilities of social networks.
Unlike other marketing tools, it’s not actually all about the money because even some of the networks are free. Some inexperienced people can also outsource their social marketing, but the huge issue here is to understand the capabilities and get how positive economic growth it would offer to your company.

Getting Started With Google Webmaster Tool

Today we will talk about Google Webmaster and its importance. Before that, you should familiar with SEO, types and various features to be used while doing website SEO. You can read  SEO beginner guide for easy understanding.  Are you using Google Webmaster Tool for your website? if no then you are missing the very important      concept of SEO.


Sign up with Google Webmaster Tool
Google webmaster is the very first step to be used while doing the SEO. For that its necessary to have Google account and verify your website to the Google. This will with the below steps.
Step 1. Sign up your Google Webmaster account
Step 2. After getting signed in another window will display for the website URL or the android app URL which you want to register with the Google.
Step 3. The next tab will open about the tag for the verification of the website.
Step 4. Open your website admin page
Step 5. Now go to below path
Step 6. Now open the header.php file make its backup file on your desktop.
Step 7. Now in your header.php, you see the <head> tag, now you have to paste that google verification code after the head tag started. And click to the update file.
Step 8. After this go back to your google webmaster account and click on the verify.
Step 9. You are successfully registered with the Google Webmaster Tool.

Web Design & Development By Rnaura Services

Web applications built on latest technologies and frameworks, delivered without cost and budget overruns Since 2000 we have built different types of web based products, portals and websites. We have worked with startups as well as large companies on different aspects of Web Design & Development.

Our web development services includes following:

  • Web Application Development
  • ASP.NET Development
  • PHP Development
  • eCommerce Development
  • CMS Development

    Rnaura Services
  • Product software Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • CRM & ERP Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Digital marketing Development
  • Data Processing Management
  • Hosting Management

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