What Do You Need For a Great Website Design ?

When a visitor goes to a website design, they don’t want to have to wonder if they are in the right place. A good design tells your visitor who you are and leads them to a call to action in a fast, efficient, and pleasing way. A call to action is an instruction to the visitors to provoke a response, whether it be to purchase a product, call a number, fill out a contact form, subscribe to a newsletter, or to learn more. The main call to action is usually included within the hero space that way it is the first thing that users see. The hero space is meant to be the biggest visual attraction on the site, it is the main vessel in which you lead your visitors. This can be achieved by overlaying text & a button on top of rotating imagery (keep the number of images to a max of 5, visitors do not tend to stick around to read/see everything) or even a background video. For the rest of the layout, most is secondary, meaning its information that is to be included and found easily on the site if the visitor tends to look for it. Just remember that whitespace and organization are your friends!

A Great Logo & Color Scheme

If you have a logo with too many colors it can be difficult to incorporate them into branding and web design, especially if they do not really go together like this one:

Basically you don’t want colors that clash, you want colors that complement each other! Contrast is key to drawing attention, take a look at colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel. We chose blue and orange because they are direct compliments of each other and opposites on the color wheel. For more information on what colors to choose, take a look at one of my older posts where I go over colors and their meanings in more details.

Beautiful & Easily Read Typography

If a font is difficult to read, it is normally a sign to STAY AWAY! There are types of fonts out there that are meant more for experimental graphic design and others that are meant for reading. Just because a font looks awesome doesn’t mean it should be used. If the text on your site is hard to read, I guarantee your visitors are going to skip right over it. In one of my other previous posts I have a collection of google web fonts that pair nicely with one another, this might help you in your decision process. If you take a look you’ll see that headings, buttons, navigations normally can be a little more of a designed font, while the paragraph font should always, ALWAYS be as legible as possible.

Stock Photos vs. Real Photography

Within the past couple of years, stock photography has been a huge business. A library where you can find any type of imagery to imaginable. But to be honest they are on the downward slope, stock photos are really starting to all look the same. It doesn’t take a genius to spot one on a site anymore. It has been proven that some visitors will completely ignore the content if they find the visual to be boring, and that’s what stock photos are. Originality is key, it is important show the world you have a personality, you care, and you love what you do.

Best seo company In Chandigarh

If you are looking for Best seo company In Chandigarh then you will find out what are the services they are providing to their clients? Like overall history. And today we will discuss about what are the basic task come under the SEO marketing company.

SEO as we all know is the key factor for the various established businesses. And to rank that at the top there are various kinds of technology take places.


As you know SEO are of two types

White hat SEO

Black hat SEO


White hat SEO: All the marketing strategy to be done according to the Google norms. These submission not to be violate any of the terms. As the

re are various kinds of submissions which help to rank your website soon in the Google page.These are as follows

  1. Bookmarking Submission
  2. Image ListingSEO
  3. Infographics Submission
  4. Video and Audio Submission
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Business Listing
  7. Directory Submission
  8. Local Listing
  9. Web 2.0 Submission
  10. Podcasting Submission

These are the submission you have to do which doesn’t require any premium account. These are done at free of cost. So you just need to figure 

out what are the various google updated algorithm and according to them follow up your SEO works

There are another factor you may use for the instant ranking . Mostly people uses these type of marketing as follows . These are also known as the affiliate marketing which is refer as the paid tools or the services for rank at the SERP.


For such kind of services you have to pay to the google when you get your acquired clients in your website. In general we can say pay when you get results. There are various kind of services like CPC, PPC CR and many more.

Google Adsense


Google Adwords

Amazon Adwords


Hope you are familiar with the various SEO marketing services through which you can rank soon. Apply today and rock your website at the Google first page.

What is Off Page SEO and its Techniques

What Is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO is an number of techniques that are used to improve your website ranking in the Google search result. Or in another words the various submissions which help to increase your website ranking. Also generate your SEO backlinks. Here are some of the factor which you may count for the better website ranking are as follows

1.Numbers of backlink

2. Page  authority rank

3. Number of user visitor

4. Link building or link juice

5. Social Media Marketing

Its very important that you are familiar with above terms , otherwise you are missing very important features.Now we will go through above features or definitions and understand how to get rank soon in SERP.

a. What is backlink?

As with the name you may got idea about backlink. Or just break this words in two parts i.e back+link . A link back to your site . If you are submitting your content among 20+ website and pasting your dofollow links then there you are creating a link juice or link building which in another word also called an backlink

Here above you notified some of terms like link juice, dofollow links ,nofollow links

a.a What is Link juice ?


So Let take an image example and explain you easily the definition of Link Juice. As you see there is a website whose internal links had its child links means they are making a hierarchy tree.ddsd


where grand parent——->parent——->Number of Child

A website url with internal links further making links with another pages . So for the ranking of the website its very important that your website had great amount of link building or link juice. This will help you to increase your website ranking.

Because Google main focus is to crawl your work and find where your relevant content and links lies and present to the user when they hit a search button.


a.b What is dofollow links?

Dofollow links refers to those links which allow to add links . Like you are adding the keywords with anchor text adding your website link, then what happen a submission website allowing you to provide your dofollow link to your site.

Now when Google crawler crawl the website what he find that there is one keyword which had a dofollow link and automatically fetch to the linked website. Google Loved the Link juice. So for the website ranking use as much dofollow link with High Domain Authority website .

a.c What is nofollow links?

A nofollow link is vice-versa of dofollow link. Means a website where you are doing various submission but they don’t offer an backlink or link juice.fdgfd

A great example I will share with you as you all are familiar with Wikipedia.com  , there if you type for amazon, filpkart or any other most common site like facebook. There will the addition of nofollow link. Here bellow image example have a look.


2. What is Page authority rank?

For various submission its very important to check the submission page authority, spam rate and Domain Auhtority. Now questions arise why these factors important. As we all know the things having its name will have its backlinks also contains the black hat seo.

If you have brand new business and want to rank soon then its very important to juice the links which are have its importance in the market. And we can check or audit website with these factor like page authority(PA) or Domain authority(DA) and the spamming rate.


For calculating these factor you can go through various SEO tools like MOZ.com, seoquake ,semrush and many more


3. Number of user visitor

To checkout the accuracy or analysis your website its very important to figure out how much visitor are there in your website . How much traffic rate in your website, Bounce rate, the overall analysis.

This report easily generated through the Google analytics. Here in the above you will see the defination Bounce rate which refer to the visitor to the website for the time and without playing any click go through out. Which is veryfvc bad impression for your website.

So your website bounce rate should be as less as you can. You can check your website bounce rate easily through the google analytics


4. Social Media Marketing

There are lots of the social website where number of users share their views through posting, image, videos and such kind of actions called as Social Media Marketing.cfgv

There are website which are specially meant social Media Marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest and many more.


After go through various Off page important terms now its turn to go through various submissions that are take place under Off Page SEO.

As you read in our previous blog namely “SEO Beginner Guide” where you get idea various submissions like

Link building
Bookmarking Submission
Image Submission
Business listings Submissionfgfrg
Directory Submission
Document Submission
Questions answers Submission
Blog and Article Submission
Document Submission


These are the above submission which will help you get the various backlink for the website which will result in website ranking.

Hope you briefly understand the Off Page SEO techniques and its important terms. For more various SEO terms stay tuned with Rnaura services.


SEO Basic Building Blocks

Nowadays SEO becomes a crucial step to rank any website. Today we will discuss what are the essential steps to be followed and how they can be implemented. Best SEO beginner Guide Ever.

What actually SEO is?

SEO abbreviation as a “search engine optimization” which easily can understand that optimization of the website. Now the question arises how can you optimize a website?

For optimizing website should it necessary to become a developer? A straight and clear answer “NO” for optimization of the website you no need to become a developer. You just need to have full knowledge about the guidelines of SEO.

Types Of SEO

  1. On-page SEOimages
  2. Off-page SEO

Starting with SEO you should familiar with the above terminology. These are explained below.

What is On-page SEO?

The on-page SEO is a very first step that comes under while starting SEO. You should familiar with the definitions like meta title, meta description, meta keywords. These are the terms which are a basic necessity while doing SEO.

The optimization of the website with pages, post, images or any other information added to our website known as On page SEO. This optimization helps to provide you website ranking or we can say a key to the success of website huge traffic.

Never Forget These On-Page SEO Techniques 

Best Content quality
Pages titles and meta descriptions
Content norms SEO511432-1F8Zny1486813890.png
Headings and content Optimizations
Images and other gallery elements
SEO friendly URL optimization
Internal and External links
Website Page loading speed
Mobile friendliness Responsive
Comments and on-page SEO guidelines

What is Off-page SEO
Off-page, SEO refers to do the various techniques or the submission that helps to improve the website ranking in the search engine.

Various Off-Page SEO Techniques 
Link building
Bookmarking Submission
Image Submission
Business listings Submission
Directory Submission541232-1Yn1pT1498154491
Document Submission
Questions answers Submission
Blog and Article Submission
Document Submission
Video Submission

Hope you get the basic idea of SEO and their various techniques to be used while ranking a website be connected with Rnaura Services


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